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My journey to the Nationals

time trial training Alicante Spain

This coming Monday I will ride the Ventoux Classic. This will be my last race before the National Championship time trial. Since Circuit de Wallonie I have been working on my preparations. I haven’t had a race the past few weeks, with this extra race I could be a better preparation. But being at home without long travel days, is also a great way to prepare myself think.

Time trial bike close to me

The past couple of weeks and the next period my specialty, the tt, will have my full attention. Luckily I have the tt bike in my home, which isn’t a standard in cycling. With the lack of time trials this year, I haven’t spent a lot of time on this bike. It always takes me a lot of time and effort to be comfortable and have the ability to produce power. Because offcourse you want to be as aerodynamic as possible, which means your head and shoulder should be out of the wind as much as possible.

My last time trial was in Ruta del Sol, not one to write home about. But my lung problems are slowly improving. I expect it to be less of a problem with the 40 kilometers TT that is coming.

Putting a strain on the arms

This week I have been training every day on the TT bike, my arms have been more fatigued than my legs to be honest. Especially when you keep an endurance pace, it can be quite aggravating on the arms. So every 5 or 10 minutes I get out if the aero tuck, until I feel comfortable to hold it for 45 minutes. Two years ago I crashed hard in Tour de Suisse, after a great prologue. But I couldn’t travel back with the TT bike and had to do my training on the road bike for the National Championships. Because the position is so different it was impossible to hold it on the long sections, and at some point I had to get out of the saddle. After the time trial I couldn’t sit down for at least two hours, never mind giving the doping control people what they needed.

Ready for the start

I’m really looking forward to my participation to the time trial. I will also start in the road race. But before I get on the plane to The Netherlands, I will be riding a Grand Fondo with my favorite coffee shop. In the evening I travel to France for the Ventoux Classic two days later. Tuesday I will set foot in my home country, until then there is plenty of work to be done.

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