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The plane will leave with or without you!

Time Trial training during my time in France.

It is 7 o’clock in the morning, the alarm goes. I already packed my suitcases yesterday; a large suitcase, a small suitcase and a backpack. But I probably will forget something … Just going through the emails I sent to myself, to prevent this. Oh yeah … let Adams know where I’m going for the next few days. My ‘fake’ omelettes are ready, so shovel it in and then it’s time to go. I throw my suitcases in the car and full of gas to the airport.

Nothing is going to stop me!

Unfortunately, I always have the habit to keep times, for when everything goes as it should. Just before the airport there’s a 6 kilometer traffic jam. It’s completely stuck. As usual, yes I just passed an exit. No time for hesitation, I go to the emergency lane and drive backwards. Plenty of time when I arrive at the gate. The first thing I always do is get water, especially on a travel day you have to drink a lot of water, because of the dry air inside the cabin. The first plane of the day goes to Amsterdam, not a complete surprise… full of ‘cheese heads’. Have to get used to this again. During the flight I read my French booklet or I watch a movie. Eventually landed with delay, resulting in less than an hour transfer time. Quick bite and then towards the second plane.

When you think that everything is going well…

I’m sitting in the front. It’s still an hour to Nantes. When I land, everything is fine, my suitcase is happy. That is always wait and see. The customs agent looks at me when I walk towards the exit, but he does not say anything. So everything is ok, at least that’s what I thought. He does have some questions, if I have something to declare. No, I do not, so I can go through.

No stranger

The soigneur of the team has just picked up his colleague at the train and is on his way to Nantes airport. I’m just going to eat something at the exit and then it’s another hour driving to the hotel in Theix. Not a stranger to the nice owners of the franchise. Probably no one has slept here as often as I have. Anyway, the mini stage can start!

Just like the previous times, you can follow my training at Strava.

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